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About SEERvey Surveys

SEERvey is a powerful survey and feedback analytics platform

...brought to you by the team at Arcanum Logic, based in Sydney Australia.

Source: ( Terrazzo)

At Arcanum Logic, we're passionate about the web and the opportunities it opens up to the world. Our philosophy has always been to identify, imagine, and engineer solutions that not only solve frustrations – but that our customers love so much they evangelise.

It's simple to use, enabling you to design and edit all types of surveys, as well as collect and track their results.

The advanced reporting and analytics engine of SEERvey provides visually informative and easy to understand breakdowns of the data it collects, making it an invaluable tool to find out what you need to know.

SEERvey also acts as your partner in finding not to be missed business and marketing opportunities. Our intelligent, perceptive surveys can help you see the opportunities as you interpret the information gathered; making your job that much easier.

SEERvey uses the intuitive Cauldron web platform, thus making it amazingly flexible and designable in any way; either use our default templates or design your own survey to represent your brand identity.