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SEERvey completes the feedback loop with your customers. It empowers you to build and deploy your marketing, sales and research strategies based on quantifiable customer feedback, not just hearsay. With SEERvey you can LISTEN to your customers and from the data collected, identify valuable opportunities that will increase their ENGAGEMENT and loyalty to your brand.

SEERvey is an online survey and feedback form platform. It empowers you to ask your customers those important questions, and then understand the information you collect on a massive scale.
It empowers you to ask customers those 'important' questions you have; and then INTERPRET and UNDERSTAND the information you collected.

Any time you need to collect any kind of information SEERvey can help:

  • Collecting customer satisfaction statistics on your products and services - allowing you to identify issues, cull non-performing products and justify expenses.
  • Launching a new product? SEERvey data can help you make those 'make or break' design decisions, accurately based on your target demographic.
  • Providing a service and need to collect requirements from customers? Set up a SEERvey form allowing them to choose service options and other information, and have the completed forms delivered immediately to your email address.
  • Conducting a research project? SEERvey includes built-in tools to maximise accuracy, minimise bias and analyse unmanageable quantities of data at a glance.
  • Running a competition? Simply have your entrants fill out your online form and set it to automatically expire after a certain date. Once the results are in, have SEERvey pick a random set of responses as prize winners.
  • And much more…

SEERvey provides a unique and simple to use interface to the data you collect. With it, you can easily view statistics and analyse responses collected; scaling from millions all the way down to individual feedback.