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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a form?


Professional, powerful forms and surveys can be created in a matter of minutes, sent LIVE with the click of a button, and responses are collected immediately.

For a clearer idea of what you can create, take a look at our EXAMPLES pages - they contain a variety of demonstration forms - each of these took less than ten minutes to create and publish.

Sign up takes only a few minutes, and your SEERvey account is LIVE as soon as your first payment is processed.

How easy-to-use is SEERvey?

SEERvey’s form builder is surprisingly intuitive and easy-to-use.

Rather than trying to force you to create your forms and surveys in a rigid and inflexible way, our developers have written SEERvey to adapt to you.

Prefer to use right click menus? No problem. Fan of drag-and-drop? OK. Rather just click on big, obvious buttons? We’ve added that too. There are a thousand ways to do things, and SEERvey is written to allow you to work with it however you’re most comfortable.

Think we’ve missed something? Submit a feature request and our eager developers will do their best to improve your experience.

Our ‘ease of use’ mantra is carried through all components of SEERvey, including reporting, form validation, data collection and form management. Or – if you prefer to get your hands dirty, SEERvey offers near limitless customisation through its elegant templating system.

How customisable is SEERvey?

SEERvey has been built from the ground up with flexibility in mind.

Like all our products, it’s built on our Cauldron web framework, which provides SEERvey with its powerful templating and design features.

Inbuilt CMS features include multiple customisable content areas per page - allowing you to literally edit everything that the designers deem editable on each page. This can be done without destroying the look, feel and integrity of what the designers have strived to create.

SEERvey includes an ever-growing library of FREE premium templates for you to use for your surveys – as well as a built-in design wizard that allows you to further customise any of the prefab designs with a simple point-and-click interface. The benefit of this feature is that it offers a near limitless collection of designs without needing to understand the complexities of web design languages.  

Or, for those who like more hands-on control, SEERvey also gives you complete control over the design of your surveys by allowing you to write and upload pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript to the server to be used as the skin for your design. Simply add some additional special tags to your mark-up to take advantage of the more advanced features of SEERvey’s powerful CMS.

Does SEERvey include CMS?

Yes. ALL of your SEERvey forms optionally include a free microsite (and customisable SEO and friendly URL) enabling you to send your customers directly to your form without needing to embed it into an existing website.

This also lets you take advantage of mobile friendly designs for your survey - allowing your visitors to complete your form on-the-go on their mobile devices.

SEERvey’s microsite CMS allows you to simply click-to-edit your form page, letting you add or update caption, images, or other rich media quickly and easily. This creates a professional, attractive and user friendly experience for your customers.

Can I include my form on my own website?

Yes. ALL SEERvey forms can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites including WordPress blogs, Drupal, Joomla and custom CMS’s as well as social media platforms such as Facebook.

Forms can be embedded with either a small javascript include, frames, or directly embedded HTML.

What types of questions can I include in my forms?

SEERvey provides a wide range of question types including:

·       Contact Details

·       Email Address

·       Contact Name

·       Single Line Text

·       Multi Line Text

·       Numeric Sliders

·       Dates

·       Times

·       Radio (option) Lists

·       Radio Matrix (i.e rating grids)

·       Drop Downs

·       Checkbox Lists

·       Checkbox Matrixs

·       Multi-Selects

·       Multiple Text Lists

·       Image Select Lists

·       Ranking Lists

·       Image Rankings

·       Image Uploads

·       File Uploads

·       Colour Pickers

If there is another type of question that you’d like to collect you can submit a feature request and our development team will get to work.

What other things can I use SEERvey for?

The easiest answer is to take a look at our EXAMPLES page.

SEERvey can be used for:

·       Surveys

·       Event Registration

·       Quizzes

·       Polls

·       Service Orders

·       Market Research

·       Contests

·       Registration Pages

·       Micro Sites

·       Landing Pages

·       Questionnaires

·       List Generation

·       Restaurant Evaluations

·       Product Evaluations

·       And much more.


Any time you need to collect data from people, SEERvey can help you.

Do I have to download anything to use SEERvey?

No. SEERvey is completely web based and hosted on our servers, which are located in multiple data centres across the world.

SEERvey is a complete hassle-free solution so that you don’t have to get your IT staff involved. We take care of everything.

All that you need on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device is an up-to-date version of any of the popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Is SEERvey compatible with my existing database?

SEERvey has been designed to be platform agnostic and relies on industry standardised data formats and structures to collate and build each form’s database.

SEERvey will securely store all of your response data in your own personal (hosted) SEERvey database. This is not shared with any third party. This database can be effortlessly exported and downloaded in a variety of formats (including CSV and SQL) and then imported into your existing database or applications.

Alternatively, this data can be easily uploaded to a third party service such as email marketing providers; giving you infinite flexibility with your data.

Are unused responses rolled over to the next month?

No. To provide the best value to our customers we have priced our plans based on the maximum number of responses you require each month.

What happens if my forms collect more responses than I have paid for?

SEERvey will continue to collect the responses for you rather than cutting off prematurely. These additional responses can be ‘unlocked’ for an additional fee if you decide you’d like access to them.

How long does it take for data to be tracked?

Each survey’s data is available instantaneously. All reports will automatically update with the new data and can be immediately viewed in real-time.

What type of data is tracked?

SEERvey tracks many types of data as soon as your form goes live and provides the analytics in real time. It even includes a real-time visualisation of participants completing your form, allowing you to see your respondents complete each step LIVE as it happens.

In addition to progress tracking, SEERvey tracks where respondents came from, demographic information, as well as comprehensive website visitor statistics using Piwik. This information can be viewed live on the website or via the available iPhone or Android apps.

Tracking tags can be easily embedded in your SEERvey forms to allow you to further break down visitor statistics with specially crafted URLs.