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It's amazingly easy to use

The intuitive design of SEERvey means it just “makes sense”. It is designed from the ground up to be accessible and in a language that marketing and business owners understand without needing complicated training sessions.

SEERvey has been designed to give you flexibility in how you prefer to work, allowing you to deploy professional and complete surveys and questionnaires WITHOUT getting bogged down with having to remember yet more shortcuts and processes.


No software necessary

SEERvey is a no-fuss online application. That means it works straight from your web browser without having to install anything or worry about approval from your IT guys.

In fact, you can sign up and deploy a customised survey in seconds!


Complete survey and questionnaire framework

SEERvey isn’t just another ‘quiz form’ clone. Our team has dedicated more than two years of design and development resources to provide a complete solution. SEERvey was born from our own frustration at the lack of a POWERFUL yet accessible online surveying platform for our marketing teams.

SEERvey includes features in all of its plans that others either completely omit, or require you to subscribe to excessively expensive “corporate” plans to unlock. Important features included in all our plans are:

  • Cross tabulation reporting
  • File and image uploads
  • Multi-step surveys
  • A design wizard
  • Geolocation autocompletion
  • Advanced validation
  • Unlimited domains
  • and much more.


Comprehensive tutorials in case you ever get stuck

Given its ease of use it’s unlikely you’ll need them, but… If you get stuck SEERvey features a comprehensive library of tutorials to help get you back on your feet!